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Marine Transit Insurance Policy


QBE Marine Transit Insurance Policy M20162239CRR

Policy from 31/08/05 to 31/08/06


Our policy is currently structured to cover Fire, Flood, Collision and Overturning. The limit is $250,000 any one vehicle. We also have additional coverage for Theft & Non-Delivery, Loading and Unloading, Mustering costs, Agistment expenses and removal of Debris.


Stock Loss In Transit Policy 


We are not a Common Carrier and accept no liability as such. Having said this we transport over 8000 head of cattle per week and would only average 6 deaths in transit per year. We generally negotiate with clients on a per incident basis .Although in most cases , provided the cattle were accepted by our driver to be in sound condition when loaded ,we have met the costs of these losses. ( All Stocktrans drivers and staff have been trained and instructed to follow the procedures contained in the animal welfare code of practice and also the Truckcare accreditation module for animal welfare for loading and unloading of livestock ) At this stage, insurance cannot be purchased to cover cattle that die in transit.


We have attached a copy of the policy for your reference, please note that the limit for any one vehicle was increased from $150,000.00 to $250,000.00 on the 28/02/06. Please note that any one vehicle would include two trailers for a B double or three trailers for a B triple.


We have been insured with QBE for some time and our excess stands at only $250.00.

Claims have in the past been dealt with within a satisfactory time frame and we have not had any claims rejected. We do require documentation from our clients so that claim amounts can be justified, such as copy of purchase invoices or sale invoices showing value of similar cattle sold or killed at the time.


Should our policy not meet your requirements as it currently stands we would be happy to discuss any variations that you may require.


 For further enquiry please contact -


                          Steve Bannerman  0249 800 606 




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